Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

I'm sure I'm going to win "blogger of the year" award this year.   Among all the other awards.

But, I hope you'll forgive my long lapses of not posting.

We've had a lot going on the past week, though, so I have a lot to share now.

My husband's birthday was on the 26th of August.  Yes, I know, over a week ago.  But I'm not going to let it go by unnoticed.

We celebrated together as a family and it was really fun and relaxing, then he and I went out that night - also really fun and relaxing.

Here is what each of the kids wanted to say about their dad.....
Bronwyn:  I miss you already Dad! I love how I can tell you anything and you'll give me good advice. Thank you for telling me not to worry about stuff and have fun in college. I love you!

Ansley: Thank you for always listening to me and for being an awesome, funny, goofy dad. I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY (you old geezer)!!!

Garrett: Dad is the best dad ever, the dorkiest dad ever, and I can take him down in wrestling in 5 seconds. Thanks for being the best dad in the world and happy birthday!

Carys:  He's really funny.  He's crazy.  He's awesome.  And I love him so much.

Anderson: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I am so happy for you and I wouldn't trade you even for the next ball of the world cup in 2014. Happy birthdaaaaaaay!! I love you!!

Giovanni:  Dad, thanks for playing with me and tucking me in at night.  I "wuh" you sooo much!

Me:  Kevin, you are an awesome husband and dad.  Thank you for believing in me and for pushing me to be the best I can be.  Thank you for taking care of me and our family in so many, many ways.  I love you so much!

Here is what the kids did for Kevin's birthday.  I had seen this idea on the internet, but it took some real talent to take Brazilian candy and turn it into a story in English (really, it's a mixture of English and Portuguese - but he understood the meaning!)

Here are the "card makers"...

Oh yeah, and one little brother who wanted to sneak in on the picture.

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