Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Moments

OK.  I'm not giving up on this blog and I'm going to try to give it a facelift and get back into posting regularly again.  So, while I'm working on re-doing everything, I wanted to share a few family moments from our Christmas.

Someone gave their paci to the Christmas Elf so he could take it to Santa to give to a baby who needs it.

Santa was very gracious to send back a special present to help ease the loss of the beloved paci.

 (This was his reaction to someone saying how he was a big boy for giving Santa his paci.  He didn't want to be reminded of that!)

He loved his present, but did spend a lot of that morning crying.  Kevin and I had to go out shopping, so big sis Bronwyn had to put up with the sadness.  But after that one morning, he has asked for it a few times but has been OK without it.

Our little boy is growing up....

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  1. Merry Christmas to you & your family! I wanted to tell you what a blessing your blog has been since I discovered it this year. Best of all, we have been accepted as full-time missionaries with To Every Tribe and will be moving to Los Fresnos, TX in July 2012 to go through their 2 yr training before going overseas to be church planters. Your blog has shown me that despite hardships, being away from family, challenges, etc. that doing what God has called you to do is the greatest thing ever and that being full-time missionaries can be fun for the whole family too!