Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It took me a while to figure out what "lol" means.  I'm the person who has to google phrases like that because I'm kind of oblivious to a lot of stuff and don't pick up on lots of details.  Let's blame it on 6 childbirths (which does make you forget lots of stuff), 10 years of teaching school and learning to filter lots of blabber to get to the important stuff, or living in a foreign country where I don't hear the latest lingo and don't watch hardly any TV.

So, for those of you like me, "lol" apparently means "laugh out loud".  (I just googled it to make sure, ha ha, i mean, lol.)  It is internet slang.  I guess it is just plain old fashioned to type in "ha ha" or "HA!".  Now it is "lol".

(on a side note - in Brazil it is "rsrsrsr" or "kkkkkkk" or "haiusdhaisuhdiausihus" - all of these mean laughter).

So when is the last time you "lol"ed??  Even though I don't consider myself a super serious person, sometimes it seems like I go too long without laughing (out loud).

HOWEVER - today I had some good giggles.

This video on our family blog makes me laugh everytime. Anderson made this by himself when he was 5 or 6 years old and it cracks me up.  I know it by heart and so does everyone in our family, but I can't watch it again without giggling.

Also, read this blog post.  Ansley showed me this this morning and I would have wet my pants if I hadn't been sitting down.

I love to laugh....ha ha ha haaa.....loud and long and clear! (a little shout out to Mary P.)

Anyway, I do love to laugh and I hope these little links have given you some giggles today, too.  If you have any funny links to share, leave a comment!!

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  1. Your family has too much fun. I love the sugar rush video! I know you will have a wonderful summer with Bronwyn home!

    At a church retreat one year they had a competition between the kids and the parents to see who knew the most cell phone acronyms. Most I had never even seen! But you can add another to your LOL and that is ROTF. It is rolling on the floor, for when something is really funny. I don't know if they have one for peeing in your pants. :)