Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Art like Romero Britto

Yesterday afternoon, Anderson was bored and wanted me to play with him.  That usually means watch him play a video or computer game or play soccer.  Not my ideas of fun.

I suggested that we do some art together.  He was all for that because he loves to draw.  He wanted to draw, guess what?  Soccer pictures.  He is really into designing cool uniforms for soccer teams.  Again, not really my idea of fun.

I wanted him to try something different, so I pointed out some ideas that I had found for artwork.  He decided that he wanted to do art like Romero Britto (a famous Brazilian artist).  I quickly found this little art lesson, we talked about how to do it and went to work.

It took a while to finish the project.

We had a new appreciation for Romero Britto and the way he combines patterns and colors.
Here are our finished projects:

Anderson was very proud of his work and we think it is frameworthy for his room.

PS.  Giovanni was also proud of his work, although not exactly in the style of Romero Britto!


  1. Britto's work is so much fun for kids to imitate! Jackson's school did a whole semester on him. This semester they've done Mondrian, who is also quite fun. Good job, Anderson!

  2. Much more fun than watching someone play video games! How fun!

  3. Que Deus abençoe todos seus talentos, Anderson...