Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Morning

"Mom," whined the 3 year old sleeping beside me this morning.
(Yes, he still gets in our bed.  It's getting better, but we're not there yet...)
I grabbed his hand thinking he just wanted to hold my hand.  But, no...
"Something's wrong.  I sheeshed* in my pants."
(Xixi - pronounced she-she - is pee pee in portuguese.  Around our house we've shortened it to "sheesh")

That was the 4:45 start to my day.

I had planned to run this morning and almost called it off because of the lovely wake-up, xixi adventure and the fact that it was cold.  In the 30's.  

But, I decided to go run anyway, and I'm glad I did.

Since the half marathon I did in April, I had probably run a grand total of 1 hour in two months.  If you've ever run regularly, and then stopped, you know how hard it is to get started again.  Like starting from zero.

I needed something good to listen to, so I downloaded a sermon from the Bethel church website.  I wasn't that excited about the title, but it ended up being just what I needed.

It was an interview with Ryan and Sara Hall.  They are professional runners and Christians.  Ryan is on the US Olympic team for the marathon.  Their interview was so great.  It encouraged me physically and spiritually.

I would strongly encourage you to listen to their interview.  If you are a runner, you will love it.  If you are a young person interested in sports, you will love it. (I'm encouraging Garrett to listen to it soon.)  If you are serious about running the Christian race, you will also love it.

Go here to download.

I can't wait to follow Ryan in the Olympics!

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