Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mini Vacation - part 2

On Saturday, we awoke to warmer temperatures, but still rain.

After breakfast, in which we stuffed ourselves.....

We decided to hang out in the hotel lobby some more to play cards.  The kids had enjoyed it the night before and were looking forward to doing it again.

So these guys started in on their games.

(This was supposed to be a picture of Garrett and Anderson playing cards, but they would never be still.  I think Anderson is under him at this point.)

I sat with Giovanni on a couch in front of the fire while he took a nap, and I read a book. (my idea of fun!)  This is him right after he woke up..... isn't he cute?

After a little while, a guy and a girl came up and invited Anderson and the other kids to play.  In Brazil, it is not uncommon for hotels to offer "recreation" for the kids.  They have a big room and some people hired to play games with them.  Anderson gladly went to play, and later Carys and Giovanni went, too.  They had a blast!

We were a little undecided about whether we wanted to stay another night because the weather was so bad, but after the kids started having so much fun playing, they didn't want to leave.  The big kids enjoyed playing cards and reading, and the little ones in the play room.  So that's what we did.  Not our typical vacation, but very relaxing.
(Giovanni spent forever staring at this game.  It had little pictures of all the characters from Disney movies. He LOVES the movie Cars, and recognized some other characters from Toy Story, too.  He loves to stare at and study things.  I just wonder what he is thinking sometimes....)

We went to lunch on Saturday at a German restaurant.  SO GOOD.  I had always thought of German food as being a bunch of sausages and potatoes.  But at this restaurant, it is wonderful vegetables, home-made pasta and delicious pork and chicken.  We all loved it.

We also went to a little fair in town and bought some homemade jellies.

But most of the time, we spent just hanging out at the hotel, relaxing.  It was really fun, and no one wanted to leave when check out time came around on Sunday.

One more thing....remember the lady I met on the first night in the lobby?? (if you forgot, read yesterday's post.)  Well, Saturday, we met another nice couple.  They had one little boy and she was just barely pregnant with their second.  After we talked a bit, she told me that she had been sad when she found out that she was pregnant because she thought that her other son was still too little. (He was 2 1/2.)  But, she said, after seeing our family with everyone playing together and having fun, she was not worried anymore and was excited about the new baby.

I guess one of our missions on this vacation was to calm the fears of all the pregnant women we met!

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