Friday, November 5, 2010

Farinha Láctea

Do you ever have those "freak out" moments with your kids?  Like when you imagine that their crankiness is because of some hidden, horrible illness?  When really it's just their teeth, or a bad day?

Just because I have 6 kids, doesn't mean I don't still have those moments, especially with my youngest.  Like right now, he is not a fan of eating.  He will eat about 10 different things  - and all of them contain sugar - except black beans and rice (thank you, Brazil!) and a McDonald's cheeseburger (thank you, USA??).  He used to like more foods, but right now, he only eats if he is really hungry and it is something he really loves.   When I am tempted to "freak out" about his eating habits, my husband reminds me that Dr. Threlkeld (our first pediatrician in Memphis) always said that he won't starve, he'll eat when he's hungry.  So, I relax.

Anyway, one of his favorites right now is this:

This is kind of like cream of wheat with sugar and powdered milk.  I mix it with warm milk and it makes a mushy kind of cereal.  Anderson ate this a lot when he was little and he still asks for "baby cereal" sometimes.  Giovanni loves it.

And of course, Mr. Independent has to feed himself - always.

(yes, I'm letting him watch baby einstein on youtube while he eats.)

Evidently, "baby cereal" has other uses.
Like painting your spongebob placemat.

PS. If you happen to live in Brazil and can buy this stuff, it's also good to put some of this into a bowl (without milk) and cut up a banana into slices.  Stir the slices around so they get coated with the cereal.  Yumm.  


  1. Wow, I can't imagine having a kid who doesn't like to eat. That must be really hard! :) I've never tried Farinha Lactea, but I've heard several adults say they still love the stuff. Give Joao and Clarice a big hug for me, if you will. Much love, and I can't wait to see you guys in janeiro!

  2. Farinha Lactea is some really great stuff. I began eating it around age 6. I'm 18 and I still love it. As with most foods, you can get 'sick of it,' however with this stuff, you really cannot get your hands off of it.

  3. I grew up in Brazil and LOVED this stuff. It is awesome. Too bad the USA doesn't sell it anymore.

  4. This is my all time favorite cereal - I grew up in Brazil - I'm now an adult in the US and only get it when my sister brings it for me from Brazil! I am going to try it with the banana slices - that does sound yummy!! Wish I could get it here in the US!!