Friday, April 20, 2012

Art Around Our House, Part 2

I love to create.  And I love it that our kids (some of them, at least) love to create as well.

Anderson has always been a great little artist.  He loved to sit and color when he was younger and now he loves to draw.

He, however, has his own ideas of what inspires him to draw.

One time it was drawing and coloring all of the logos for all of the soccer teams in Brazil.  He let me help him with that one.  Fun.

Lately, he is taking up advertising for Fanta.  Here in Brazil, we have Grape Fanta and Orange Fanta.  They also are having a contest for a new flavor - either maracuj√° (passion fruit) or strawberry.  Anderson loves to drink Fanta.

Here is his take on Fanta advertising....

I love that he invented the bearded guy (he isn't some guy on Fanta advertising here), and thought up different scenarios for him drinking Fanta.  The last one is a submarine (I think) and there are seats inside.  The bearded guy is sitting at a table getting ready to drink his orange Fanta saying "Alone".

Anderson is also very gracious to use his artwork to help me out with parenting problems.  One day, on a rare, rare occurance (HA), Garrett and Carys were fighting about cleaning up the kitchen.  Anderson was also supposed to be helping out.  His way of "helping" was to draw this:

Notice there are only two smiling workers in the second picture.  I know Garrett and Carys appreciated his non-helping, yet gentle, correction of their attitudes.

This picture remains on our fridge, and I must say that fighting during kitchen duties has lowered significantly.

Thanks, Anderson.

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  1. I love how kids create their own characters. The bearded guy is great.