Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little Maurício

This is Maurício.  We call him Mau-Mau (rhymes with cow-cow).  He is the son of Freitas and Auristela who are part of our house church.  Mau-Mau is Giovanni's best friend.

Last Sunday, we divided our house church into three groups.  The men met at Freitas and Auristela's hardware store.  They have been opening the store on Sunday because they need to increase their business.  Their store is in our neighborhood.  They read and discussed scripture together and even included the owner of the bakery next door.  One good thing about house church:  it's mobile.

The women met around our dining room table.  We had a wonderful time of sharing, praying together and fellowship.  We took the Lord's Supper together.

The kids had a Bible study in the living room.  Ansley told Anderson, Carys and Maurício the story of the angel announcing Jesus's birth to Mary.  She had some simple little puppets that she used to tell the story.  After the story, she asked what they wanted to do - play or watch a video or color.  Maurício looked at Ansley and sweetly said, "I want to take the Lord's Supper."

In our house church we don't exclude children or anyone from taking the Lord's Supper.  Everyone is included.  We believe that's what Jesus would do if it were his house.

So, Ansley went in and fixed some juice and crackers for them.  She then told them that before they took it, they had to say one thing that they loved.
Ansley said, "I love my family."
Anderson (in true form) said, "The whole planet."
Maurício quietly said, "Carlos e Stela."  (which means Carlos Freitas, his dad, and Auristela, his mom.)
Then he added, "and Lucky and Rex."  (our two dogs.)

Maurício is a sweetheart and his simple love for the Lord and his family blessed all of us on Sunday.  I expect great things from this little guy.

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  1. Amei este post ... Porque será né?! Deus me abençoa muito com este filho lindo, saudável e cheio de amor no coração! Obrigado (Ansley) fazerem por ele conhecer a Deus de maneira tão divertida e desde tão pequenino. Amamos vocês!