Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Mother-in-Law

(My mom, me and my mother-in-law, Marie, at Thanksgiving.)

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday.  Usually my husband writes something nice about her on our family blog, but this time I would like to do that.  I am so blessed to have such a great mother-in-law.  She has many wonderful qualities, but these are the things that I especially appreciate about her:

  • She is very hospitable.  She is always opening up her home to others for meals, celebrations, over-night stays, and even longer stays.  Our family has lived in their house at least 2 times.  When we visit, we make a royal mess of the place.  I always feel horrible about that, but she never complains - just enjoys us being there.

(Garrett's birthday last year - She made Mammy's Chocolate Cake - a family favorite.)

  • She has a servant heart.  She is always thinking of ways to make people happy.  She cooks food that she knows we like.  She gets up early and makes breakfast for our kids (which means I get to sleep in a little - love that!).  She is always trying to help out.

  • She always buys me a purse for Christmas.  A purse is something that I just don't buy for myself.  I can always count on her to give me a nice purse that I like.  Thanks for that!

(OK, I know this isn't a purse.  She also gave me a Snuggie for Christmas last year.  I am sticking out my tongue because Kevin didn't want me to get one, but she knew I wanted one anyway.)

  • She is a very supportive wife.  I have never heard her say anything bad about my father-in-law or put him down in any way at all.  She is a great example of a supportive wife who believes in her husband and builds him up.

(At the Memphis Zoo)

  • She is a strong Christian, and has always given of herself to others and the church.  

(At Thanksgiving with Anderson, Kevin's cousin, Matt, and Dylan, our nephew.)

  • She is a wonderful, fun, loving grandmother to my kids.  She always sends them little cards and candy on holidays, and does fun things with them when we are in the states.

(Memphis Zoo)
(Carys and Grandmommy made a gingerbread house together.)

  • And finally, she raised a wonderful young man who ended up being my husband.  He is loving, helpful, sweet, supportive, and always treats me with respect.  I owe that, in a great part, to his parents.

(Kevin with Peyton and Dylan, our nephews.)

Marie, I wish we could be there with you on your special day.  Thank you for being a great mother-in-law and for loving me and making me part of your family.  You are the best!
Happy Birthday!

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