Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 1999

On March 8th, 1999 God blessed our family with a spunky, sweet little girl named Carys.  The name "Carys" is Welsh, and means "love".  
(I don't look half-bad.  Epidurals are awesome, after it kicked in, I didn't feel a thing.)

Carys was born in Memphis, but we lived in Grenada, Mississippi.  We drove 2 hours to get to the doctor's office, with me having contractions.  She told me I wasn't "ready" yet, and to go back home.  I knew better and said, "I'm not going back home.  Home is two hours away."  So, she let me go on to the hospital, and what do you know, Carys was born that afternoon.
(Mammy is holding her - she said she had "black" eyes.  They are chocolatey brown.)

She was a beautiful baby - who looked NOTHING like me.  She still doesn't.  She has all the "Blume" features, and I have always thought that the person she looks most like in our family is her "papa", Kevin's dad.
(Same face, same expression - she is prettier though and still doesn't have a mustache.)

In the hospital, I think I mentioned that she was 100% Blume in her looks.  Then later, she started to cry and her mouth was BIG.  I said, "Man, she has a big mouth!".  My mom said, "You have a big mouth."  I'm not sure if that was her trying to make me feel good that at least ONE characteristic that Carys had came from me, or just making an observation about my big mouth.  Whatever the reason, I always giggle when I remember that and am happy to share the "big mouth" trait with Carys.  After all, big mouths make big SMILES!
(Please excuse my hair - it was incredibly windy that day.)

From the get-go, Carys wanted to be close to me or someone else in the family.  I was so looking forward to "resting" in the hospital.  I fed her, put her in her little bassinet and then decided to take a shower.  She would not stay in the bassinet.  I put her in bed with me and finally ended up taking off my pajama shirt and leaving it close beside her, so I could take a quick shower.  After a while of trying to sleep and her not letting me, I called the nurse, hoping that she would take her for a little while so I could rest.  The nurse, who looked to be about 20 years old, arrived, picked Carys up and said in a "baby" voice, "What are you doing, little one.  Are you scaring these nice people?"  I just took Carys back, and said thank you. I wanted to say, "No, she is not scaring me. She is my 4th baby.  I just want to rest!"  Oh, well.
(This picture has nothing to do with that story, I just think it is really funny.)

Garrett, our third baby, was SUPER laid back.  You could just put him somewhere and he would happily look around until he got hungry or fell asleep.  In my crazy brain, I thought that if the 3rd baby was like that, then the 4th would be even more so.  Um, wrong.  Carys wanted to be in on everything.  She wanted to be held or carried around. I think she didn't want to miss out on anything her big sisters and brother were doing.  She didn't crawl until she was 11 months old.  Then she crawled for 2 weeks, hating every minute of it, and started walking.  Bronwyn, Ansley and Garrett were walking, so she wanted to as well!
(One of my all-time favorite pictures.)

I have always thought of Carys as such a blessing.  I had a miscarriage the year before she was born, then God gave us this healthy baby girl.  She has always brought us joy, laughter, and fun.
(Love those dimples!)

Carys, I am so proud and happy to be your mom.  

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  1. Happy Birthday Carys! I didn't realize Ryder and Carys have the same birthday!! Sweet pictures and precious memories. She was a beautiful baby and still is a beautiful girl!