Thursday, January 27, 2011

Family Picture

While Bronwyn was home for Christmas, I really wanted to get a family picture.

I didn't bug everyone or whine about it.  I just announced on the last day we were all together that everyone needed to be ready at this certain time so we could take a picture.  I didn't even demand special clothes.  I was, as usual, met with groans and complaints and "why mom??".  I just ignored all that and said be ready at this time.

Let's just say things didn't go well.

Kids goofing off, husbands goofing off, toddlers not cooperating.

People shooting birds in the picture, people grabbing body parts in the picture, toddler throwing temper fits on the floor because he did not want to take a picture.

Mom getting really aggravated.

So, here is what came of our day (minus the bird-shooting picture.  This is a Christian blog.)

Fun times.

I guess we'll try again in May.


  1. Dear Benay, how great it is to be in touch with you this way. I'm enjoying all your posts. Thanks for the laugh today! Here I was thinking I'm the only one who gets grief from my family whenever I mention wanting a family photo--oh, the bribing, foot-stomping, and "you can't do what you want until we take this picture" I've done! You have a beautiful family--and there was a point in that video that I saw the Benay I about 1:06. ;)
    Much love~Joy Brown

  2. This reminds me of a family picture opp your family took at my wedding. We didn't have our wedding videoed but we did have the church's video camera on. After our wedding your mom got your family together to take pictures and the video captured her grabbing some "behinds" while the pictures were being snapped. It was really funny!