Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm back....Thanks to Anderson

Well, sorry for the lack of posting (all three of you who read this....)

There is lots to post about, but I kind of lost my momentum.  But, this morning, I decided to get back into the blogging world.  As I was pondering what I would blog about today, this little guy gave me a great idea.
"Mom, look at these play-dough worms I made!  Can you put them on your blog?"
So, of course, I will.
 This green one is for Carys.
 This colorful one was mine.  I named him "Spot".
 Giovanni got this little blue guy.
 Garrett got this white one with green spots and big black eyes.
 This was called "Tiger".  Kevin got this one.

He enjoyed playing with it.

 And this one was Anderson's.  It was called "AC Milan" because of the colors.  You may not know about that team, but it is a really good soccer team in Europe. (Anderson gave me that info.)

As I was working on the blog post, Anderson made this sign out of tinkertoys. 
I think that today will be the first of several posts about Anderson's crafts.  Thanks, Anderson, for helping your mom get her blog restarted, and we look forward to seeing more of your crafts!!


  1. Wow... that "Anderson's Crafts" sign is awesome. I thought it was clip art or something, then I saw Anderson's cute fact sticking into the side of the pic. He's one smart boy.
    Miss you all...Kevin's blog reminded me that you've been away for 8 long years. Ugh.

  2. Benay,
    Just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog!! I love getting to experience you and your family though you are so many miles away! I love what you are doing with your Faith walk. Thanks for sharing the Blumes with us! Tell Anderson I loved his creative snakes and look forward to more blog themes from him!! Love to all!!
    Marla Logan