Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yesterday was our 23rd wedding anniversary.

God has really blessed me with an awesome husband.  He is honest, generous, and cute.  He treats me like a queen and knows how to make me giggle.  He is passionate about being a great husband and dad, and about growing God's kingdom.  I am really proud to be his wife.

To celebrate, we spent the afternoon together just chilling out, and then went out to eat.  Nothing fancy, just time to be together.  Just what we needed after some long, stressful days.  It was perfect.  (We were going to go see a movie, but the only choice was Transformers 3 or Harry Potter - neither of which excite me at all - so he spared me.  Thanks, honey!)

One thing that we do religiously is take a date night each week.  I can't describe how important this has been for our marriage.  With 6 kids and a job that doesn't necessarily have a set time schedule, it has been great to take time for ourselves each week.  We don't have to spend a lot of money (usually we go to the cheap movie night and eat a hamburger...) but just getting out helps us to be better parents, better missionaries, and better husband/wife to each other.  I'm really glad that we have this tradition and are setting this example for our kids.

You think you would know everything about someone after 23 years.  But today, I learned something new about my husband.  Bronwyn put some shoelaces in the dryer this morning.  After a while, the dryer started to make some funny noises and she looked in and the shoelaces were gone.  Then the dryer just stopped altogether.  My husband, who wouldn't be necessarily described as a handy-man, took almost the whole dryer apart (with my help, of course), fished out the shoelaces, fixed a broken wire caused by said shoelaces, then put the whole thing back together.  IMPRESSIVE!

Learn something new everyday.

Happy Anniversary, Kevin.  I love you!


  1. Congratulations. I love you guys.

  2. Benay, congratulations on your anniversary! Glad you had such a nice day together. We will be married 29 year in December! Cindy