Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My New Boyfriend....

It has been really cold here recently.  Until the past few days, the temperatures were down into the 30's and we don't have central heat.  That means really cold unless the sun comes out.  The worst part of the day is at night.

When we first moved to Brazil 9 years ago, we brought electric blankets.  They were accidentally left in the hotel where we stayed.  When we realized what had happened (in a matter of hours) they were "gone". Some cleaning lady got herself some new electric blankets, but without the controls.  They were with us.

Anyway, we don't have electric blankets, so we cover up with lots of covers and we are fine.  However, that initial "getting into a cold bed" isn't that much fun.  My boyfriend (husband) was always fussing at me for putting my cold toes on his warm legs.  Well, I just got me a new boyfriend.

Here he is:

A couple of years ago some Brazilian friends told me about filling up empty soda bottles with hot water and putting them in their bed at night.  I thought that was about the most redneck thing I had ever heard of.  Well, I guess I'm a redneck now because it really works!

Fill it up with hot water (not boiling or you might melt the bottle) and it stays hot/warm the whole night.  Nice for the cold toes.

So, hello new boyfriend.

Look, he was waiting for me to come to bed and he fell asleep doing crosswords.  How cute.


  1. We have found corn bags. A girl in Brett's office made one for everyone in the office last Christmas. Kind of like a bean bag but filled with corn Heat in microwave for 2 minutes and it cures any ache or pain and is perfect to warm up your bed. I stole it from Brett and the girls asked him how he liked it. He told her I had taken it then she ended up making us 6. Love that thing. She made them in flannel and they are about 8 inches square.

  2. I'm rolling.. I LOVE your new boyfriend.. what a great idea...