Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Did you know....

that you can find out how to do almost everything by looking on  Well, you can.

Here are some examples:  "how to kiss", "how to make a paper gun that shoots", "how to tie a tie", "how to be a nerd".  All of these interesting things can really be found on YouTube.  They have a "how to" for almost everything, but not everything.

The other day, Anderson brought home a "worm" made from a pantyhose leg stuffed with balls of crumpled up newspaper.  He was supposed to decorate it and take it back to school.

Since we have been pretty busy with organizing the house and all the other stuff going on, we, of course, waited until the last minute to do this.  I happened to see the worm and said, "Anderson, we have to decorate your worm today!"  He got a look of urgency on his face and got up to work on it.

The next thing I knew he was sitting at the computer, frustrated.  He said, "Mom, I got on YouTube, and typed this in, but nothing is coming up!" We looked at the YouTube page he had opened, and read what he had typed:

 "How to Decorate Homemade Worms".

Can you believe that ?  No YouTube videos on how to decorate homemade worms!

Actually we should be thankful that a video didn't pop up because who knows how "worm decorating" could be interpreted by the YouTube viewing public.

Anyway, he managed to get it decorated and was really happy with it.

Maybe we should have made a YouTube video of how we did it to help other worm-decorating 2nd graders out there.  Oh well....


  1. This reminds me of a story that Katey told me. One of her rings broke while it was on her finger and was pinching the daylights out of her hand. Chad rushed over to try to help while Drew yelled, "I'll google it!"

  2. "How to deliver your own baby in a car"
    One of my personal favourite youtube how-to's.

    Beautiful worm by the way :)I'm liking the glasses.