Friday, June 11, 2010

Family Day (part 2)

After our fondue and chair lift ride, we did something really fun.

On the way in to the park where the chair lift ride was, we passed a little place that said "Fotos na Moda Antiga".  That means "Old-fashioned Pictures".

Since Bronwyn was the one choosing what we would do, and since Kevin and Garrett would NEVER agree to do something like that otherwise, she decided that we would do it.

So we stopped at this little place and a sweet girl, who was used to working with groups of 2, or 3-4 at the most, outfitted our WHOLE family in traditional gaucho clothes.

Garrett LOVED his blue pants....
Of course, Anderson really did love this.  Since he is really a Brazilian gaucho, he was proud to wear the traditional clothes. He not only dressed as a gaucho, he became one.  The whole time he was dressed up, he was asking me what chores he had to do on the farm.  I would give him a chore, he would go "do" it and come back and ask for another.  He split a lot of wood, milked a lot of cows and gathered berries for a pie.
The girls and I had a selection of lovely dresses.....
Giovanni doesn't enjoy changing clothes, but we got a shirt and pants on him.  (see how badly he needed a haircut?)
The handsome couple....
After we all got dressed, it was time to head on out to the oxen and wagon for our picture....
Here was our final photo:

We had a blast doing this.
Lots of silliness, laughter and fun.

After the photo shoot, we were going to look around in some shops, but there was tons of traffic (apparently half of Porto Alegre decided to go there for the holiday...), so we just headed home.

But it was a really fun day.  I hope we can have a few more fun family days before Bronwyn heads off to school.


  1. That is awesome! You guys look great in that pose! Maybe we can do that next time we are in the area... it might be sooner than you think! ;)

  2. those are great!!! you look like you just belong in that time frame:)

  3. Looks like you had a blast! Enjoy the month you have left.