Monday, June 28, 2010

Catching Up

Well, it appears that I took a week off from blogging.  Sometimes, it just doesn't seem like there is enough time in the day.  Here is what is going on around our house.

It's winter here.  We haven't had any really, really cold days here yet, just lots of rain.  It normally doesn't get that cold, but we don't have central heat in our houses, so whatever it is outside, it is inside and sometimes colder.  Not fun.  I've come to realize that central heat and air is a luxury that very, very few people in the world enjoy.  If you have it, you should consider yourself very blessed.

Yesterday, it was 80 degrees here and a beautiful day.  The pictures on this post are from our neighborhood yesterday.

Bronwyn leaves for the US to go to college 3 weeks from Thursday.  We have a list a mile long of stuff to do before she leaves.  Ansley and I will go there at the beginning of August to actually take her to school and get her settled in.  Giovanni is going too because he still flies for free and who can resist a free trip to see grandparents?

Ansley is a senior this year and is super busy with school activities.  Recently she spent 24 hours non-stop working with a team in a competition between schools answering hard questions that had to be researched on the internet and figured out.  This past weekend, she spent 18 hours at school coordinating a "gincana" - which is like a funny competition between the classes doing silly jobs and figuring out riddles.  It is one of the most fun things that her school does.  She is also going to participate in a trip to Peru for a week with her Spanish class.  Basically it is non-stop until graduation in December.  She is an awesome student and great girl and we are proud of her.

Garrett is loving his new school, studying and playing soccer.  He is loving every game of the World Cup.  Friday night it was pouring rain.  Garrett had gone home with a friend and was supposed to play in a soccer match near the school.  But since it was raining so much, we didn't know where he was.  (He had forgotten to take his phone, and we didn't have the number of the friend.)  While I was volunteering at the school that night, Kevin went to the place where they were supposed to play soccer, on the off chance that they were actually playing.  Yes, there they were having a blast playing soccer in the rain.  Garrett scored two goals and loved every minute of it.

Carys is also loving the new school.  She has many new friends who are always inviting her to come over and hang out.  She is also taking tennis lessons.  She is by far the most athletic female in our house. (Actually the ONLY athletic female - the rest of us just pretend.)  I have never seen her play a sport that she wasn't good at.  She is also spending a lot of time drawing and she is really, really good.

Anderson is loving kindergarten. He is reading in Portuguese and English.  Kids are amazing in their ease with the two languages.  He is also eating up every minute of the World Cup.  He is such a fun kid and always has something to say.  Yesterday, I was putting his shoes on him and he said, "Mom, I love being your son."  Aww...

Giovanni is growing and talking more and more.  He still loves to play in the bathroom DAILY, and dump out collections of whatever happens to be around.  His favorite thing to do is still read books.  He will sit and listen and let you read, or just look at the book himself examining each page.  He will be two in September and I know I am babying him more than I did the others.  But, I don't care.

Kevin and I are busy meeting one on one with different people studying together, talking, and listening.   Our house church gets better every day and we are blessed to see God working around us.  We are both running  - I haven't quit yet!  We are also reading some really great books which I hope to share on this blog later.

Well, that's a little catch up of what's going on around here.  Hope to post more this week!

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