Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toy Recommendations from a Mom of 6

(I posted on our family blog today.  Hope you are reading about all the good things that happened Sunday.)

If you need some good ideas for toys for your kids, here are a few winners.....

1.  Bath products on shelf in small bathroom.

This is our master bath.  It is REALLY small, but has a big shower (that's good).  Everyday, Giovanni has a little playtime in the corner of the bathroom.  If the toilet is open, he throws all the bath products on the little shelf into the toilet.  We have learned to always close the lid.

He still has fun.  He takes all the powder, lotions, creams, etc. off the shelf and stacks them up on the toilet, knocks them down, then stacks them up again.  He does this for a good while.

Often, during this playtime, he makes a poop.  I guess the proximity of the toilet and the privacy in his little corner spur him on.  Anyway, this is one of his favorite toys.

2.  Pretzel alphabet.

Open bag of pretzel sticks and spell out your name with said pretzels.  Then eat.  A cheap, salty toy.

My kids have never been big "toy" kids.  They end up spending more time and creativity playing with stuff like this around the house.  I remember when I was little, I had a friend that I visited after church on Sunday.  Every Sunday, we would pretend that all the dish soaps and cleaning products under her mom's kitchen sink were people.  We did that for what seemed like hours, and we did it every time I went over there.  It was so much fun.

So, who needs expensive toys??

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  1. Giovanni is so cute! Elisa prefers playing with non-toys too (or at least creative toys like blocks). This week she's been pretending that hair rubberbands are a family of ducks, and hair ribbons are baby snakes that she can take care of. Now, what should I get her for her birthday?