Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cassia

Last year our house church was privileged to get to know Daiana, Everton and their kids.  They became part of our family.  You can read about their story here (scroll down to start from the beginning).

Now they live in a suburb of Porto Alegre and we don't get to see them as much as we would like to, but our love for them is the same.

Last week, their precious daughter, Cassia, turned 1.  First birthday parties are traditionally a big deal in Brazil.  We were so happy to open our home on Sunday and throw a celebration for Cassia's first birthday.
Lots of Diana's family came.  On the couch is her grandma, sister and mom.  Diana is standing in front of her sister in law and new nephew and her brother is on the right.  Later he told Daiana that he felt so good being in our home and with our church family.  We plan on getting to know him better so that can happen more often.
We had traditional "salgadinhos" which are little fried cheese and meat balls that just melt in your mouth.  (all you Brazilians know what I'm talking about....)
Also negrinhos, which are called "little soldiers" in other parts of Brazil.  Basically little balls of fudgey goodness.
I made this cake and was kind of running late, thus the chocolate frosting turning into soup before our eyes.  The little jars were made by our arts and crafts group.  They are just left-over baby food jars with the tops covered, and filled with gummy fruits and worms.  Each kid took one home.
Besides Daiana's blood family, her church family was there as well.  Here is Flavia with Clarice.  We are so very thankful that Clarice and her husband João live near Everton and Daiana and are mentoring them spiritually and worshipping with them on Sundays.
Tiago and Camilla got drunk.  No, not really.  We just had soft drinks, but looks like Tiago really enjoyed his.
Cassia stays glued to her mom.  She is so sweet, but definitely a mama's girl.

I can't describe how much fun we all had.  These pictures just show lots of joy and happiness.  It makes me feel so great that this family has come this far. So many people have helped them and prayed for them.  We share in their joy!

Now our challenge is to help Daiana and Everton raise these 5 great boys and sweet little girl to be solid and strong followers of Jesus.

Happy Birthday, Cassia.  You are loved.


  1. Very sweet! BTW, Tiago ALWAYS looks like that in pictures!

  2. Hey benay

    Here is the link for the magazine pendant!

    have fun!