Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This and That

Here are just some interesting and exciting tidbits about my life right now.....

1.  I started running (again).

My husband is one of those people who can not do anything for a month then just wake up one day and decide he's going to run a 10k.  And he does it.
I am one of those people who has to work up to and train for weeks to run a 5k.
I go from "I hate running" thoughts at the beginning, to "I can actually run, and it's not so bad if I am wearing headphones" thoughts in the middle, and later "I don't love running, but it is good for me and I can do it, so don't think about it, just put on your shoes and go" thoughts.  I'm in the third one right now.
I'm not sure what stage comes next (maybe, liking running?).  I've never made it that far!
I have signed up to run in the Porto Alegre Marathon on Sunday.  Relax... just a relay team.  We will each run about 5k.
But it has been great motivation for me because I HAVE to be able to do my part or I will let the whole team down.
Yesterday I ran 6k around our neighborhood park.  It is pouring raining today, so I'm taking a rest.
I should be ready by Sunday...

2.  This past weekend we had 3 birthday parties and 1 baby shower.
We thought that one of the parties was on Friday.  It was for our neighbor.  As we were leaving the house (all of us) to go to the party, we looked across the street and saw our neighbor's family just milling around the house.  "Why aren't they at the party?" we thought.
Then we checked the invitation.  The party was Saturday, along with the 2 other parties and baby shower.
So back in the house we went.
Here are the pillows that Bronwyn and I made for our presents.

I bought the striped ones and just added the pictures.  The black one was made from leftover fabric.
I thought they turned out cute.

3. And lest you have some kind of notion that I am a super woman, here is my house on Saturday morning.
Awfully, embarrassingly messy. (this is just one room, but the rest was just as bad...)
I get really discouraged when it gets this way.  But then I looked closer.
This messy kitchen was where Carys was making special shaped pancakes from a junior cookbook all by herself.

Anderson was leaving us some helpful reminders on sticky notes on the door.
The left one says "Don't run away from God", the right one, "Stay with God".
Good things to remember, don't you think?

And this little guy just put on his orange pimp hat and cruised around the obstacle course.
So, who cares about a little mess.

Anyway, I made a big list of chores and everyone worked hard and we got it cleaned up just in time to head out the door for the parties.

I have more to tell, but that's enough for now.

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  1. Hi Benay

    I love how creative you guys are! I wish I could have enough time to pursue all my crafty cravings. I am saving them all up to when I get to Australia, if you wanna have a look, on my blog I have lots of links of awesome tutorials, just like the pillows you guys made! http://theadventuresoffamilyof5.blogspot.com

    Gob Bless!

    Roberta in New Zealand (for now, anyways)