Monday, May 31, 2010

June Challenge

My two oldest daughters and I have challenged ourselves to some improvements in our lifestyle for June.   This morning we took our measurements.  Mine were...  (ha ha, like I would really put that on here.)

Anyway, Bronwyn and Ansley don't even really need to do anything.  They look great.  I am kind of turning into a marshmallow.

So, here are our guidelines:

June Challenge
1- No sugar.
2- Only water - except for milk or juice at breakfast.
3- Measure every Monday.
4- Exercise every day (dvd, weights, run, or walk)
If we don’t break the agreement, at the end of each week we will go out and treat ourselves to...
1- Manicures
2- Movie together
3- Shopping trip
4- Dessert trip
(The prizes are one per week - we aren't doing all of those every week!)

The hardest part for me will be #2.  I like coffee or a coke zero every now and then (like daily!)
Wish us luck!

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  1. Can you use Crystal Light in your water to make it taste better? Do you have Crystal Light in Brazil? I gave up a Coke a few years ago (well, I didn't totally give it up - I just quit keeping it in the house), and keeping a pitcher of Crystal Light mixed up in the fridge made it so much easier!