Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For my friends who live in the southern hemisphere....

For those of you who have forgotten your 3rd grade geography, we in the southern hemisphere are in our winter now.  For most Brazilians, it is practically summer year round, but here in the south of Brazil, we actually have winter.  No snow, of course, but it does get cold.

I like to read blogs.  I don't watch TV.  I just read blogs for my entertainment.  I love to read blogs of other moms who like to do crafts, decorate, cook and plan fun things with their kids.

It seems like all the blogs talk about now is how much fun they had doing this or that in the summer heat.    I remember last summer when we had our share of summer heat.  Horrible.  Our kids were home with not much to do.  (Brazilians head to the beaches to their family's beach house.  Interestingly enough, our families' beach houses are not located in Brazil.  Our families don't even have beach houses come to think of it...) 

Anyway, that made for long hot days and not a lot to do except waste time watching too much TV.  

Soo....what I am trying to get around to is...that I have started a folder on my Bookmarks Bar called "summer activities".  Whenever I see something fun to do in the summer heat, I put the site in this folder.  Hopefully, when summer comes around I'll have lots of ideas to keep us all busy.

Here are a few things so far.....

Have you seen any cute summer ideas?  If so, send them my way.....


  1. I have this site bookmarked not only for summer but for anytime we need a "boredom buster". Some of these are great rainy day crafts too. Maybe some of these would work for you guys too!

  2. these come in good time :) its winter here too, but we do need boredom busters!! Thanks