Monday, October 25, 2010

Dia das Crianças (Kids' Day)

October 12th is Kids' Day here in Brazil.  It is a national holiday, just like Mother's Day and Father's Day.  When I start to feel sorry for my kids who don't get to celebrate Halloween (not a holiday here), I remember that here in Brazil they have a holiday just for them.

Our house church hosted a special worship/fun day for all of the house churches and their guests.  It was held at our house and at our nearby park.  It was a really fun day!

We took so many pictures that instead of posting them separately, I just made a slideshow.  Here is what you will see in the slideshow:

I made sidewalk paint using this idea.  The little kids LOVED it.  The first pictures in the slideshow are when Giovanni took off with his paintbrush and went around the yard painting trees, bricks, steps and dogs.  He had a blast.  (by the way, this sidewalk paint was great - it washed out of everything.)

We had a little skit for our devotional (based on this idea.)  The kids loved it and I think it left them with a good message.  We had a special prayer of blessing for all the kids.

After our snack time, we all went to the park for soccer - which was a huge hit, of course.  Then we had a little treasure hunt.  The treasure was a little robot for each kid.  (I'll tell more about those tomorrow.)

There was lots of family fun and lots of smiling faces.  It was a wonderful time for our church family.  Hope you enjoy the slideshow! (By the way, this will be a silent flick - I have worked on trying to get music for it all morning long and don't have anymore time. So, sing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" to yourself as you watch!)

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