Monday, October 4, 2010

Farmer's Market

My mom and dad know that my favorite thing to eat is a plate full of fresh vegetables.  Speckled butterbeans, fried okra, fresh corn on the cob.  LOVE.  with cornbread (technically not a vegetable, but necessary just the same.)

So when I was visiting them in August, my mom sent my dad and I to the farmer's market.  While my dad picked out some vegetables, I went around taking pictures.  I love these pictures because everything about them reminds me of home.  
( I know that Dr. Pepper isn't a vegetable, but this would have been Kevin's favorite thing!)
I asked these guys if I could take their picture.  I promised them it wouldn't come out in the paper or anything like that.  The guy on the right, in his awesome southern drawl, asked me if I was a "free-lancuh".  
I loved my visit to the farmer's market! (and the meal afterwards....)

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  1. We love the Farmer's Market and Isom's Orchard has the BEST peaches! Now that we live in Hanceville, we are fortunate that Steele's Apple Orchard is just down the road and we can go to the orchard itself for fresh apples. Nothing better than eating homegrown, fresh vegetables & fruits. Love your pictures!