Tuesday, October 26, 2010


When we had our recent celebration of Kids' Day, we wanted to give the kids a little prize to take home. Brazil isn't the country for cheap toys or dollar stores. We could give them candy, but hated to do that since they would have been snacking all afternoon on sweets. Since the ladies in our house church like to make things, we began to think of things we could make with supplies that we already had. Oh yeah, and it couldn't take much time, because we got this idea a few days before the event.

Our main problem was that most of the kids that we thought would be there on kids' day were boys. What do you make for boys? I did a little internet surfing and found this really cool robot. And since we have LOADS of material - either donated or leftover from projects here and there, we decided to go with a much simpler version of this idea.

The only problem was that I am the only one in the group who knows how to sew with a sewing machine. And my sewing machine was in the shop. They had told me that it wouldn't be ready until the week following our Kids' Day celebration.

My friend, Auristela, had an old (and I mean REALLY old) sewing machine that had been her grandmother's. She was just learning how to use it. I tried to use that to make the robots, but couldn't get it to work right. I even skyped my mom for help because she is a sewing genius and knows about old machines. We finally had to just give up on the idea because we didn't have a sewing machine.

UNTIL....Friday morning before the celebration on Sunday, the sewing machine shop called and told me that my machine was already ready! Was it too late? Nah...

So I hurried off to get my machine and alerted my friends that we were back in business. Auristela began cutting out fabric, I sewed like a mad woman, and Leni worked on adding the final details. Auristela's mom also helped out sewing some herself when we got crunched for time.
Each one was unique.
It was easy to make the robot look like a girl or boy or young or old, depending on what fabric you used.
At the celebration we used these as the prize at the end of the treasure hunt. We had a basket with a note attached. The note said that these robots had fallen out of a space ship and were orphan robots who needed someone to care for them. We let each kid "adopt" a robot.

I think they turned out really cute and the kids loved them.


  1. Those robots are adorable! I may be stealing the idea...

  2. Those are so cute! Now I want to make some. Poor orphan robots, I'm glad the kids gave them new homes.

  3. Those are too cute! I love them and I know the kids did too. Great job Benay!

  4. So cute!! Tell Auri and Leni that I miss them and I miss our crazy projects. Love you!