Monday, February 6, 2012

Step Back in Time

While we were at my parents' house on our furlough, Carys and Kennedy (her cousin) asked to explore Granna's attic.  Granna, being the cool Granna that she is, let them.  (By the way, my sister and I used to do this at my Nanny's house when we were little.  Except then, it was called "prowling", not "exploring".)

The treasure they found was what seemed like EVERY fancy or semi fancy dress that my sister and I had in high school, bridesmaids' dresses, our wedding dresses, and even a formal from my mom's high school years.

Hope you enjoy the fashion show.....


  • I love that these two, who get to see each other about every 2 years, can still have so much fun together.
  • There is something just so cute and funny about a little boy in a pink dress with a lace collar.  In case you didn't know, the black cape and red boots is him being "puss in boots without the sword".
  • My mom was a sewing freak.  Many of these dresses she made.
  • My sister and I had really small waists.
  • Making silly faces just runs in our family.  What can I say??
  • They are both beautiful girls and they're only 12 and 13!!
  • Thanks, Granna, for saving the dresses and not prohibiting "prowling"!


  1. I recognize several of these dresses!! I still think some of them are pretty.

  2. Hilarious!!!! Yep, I think she saved every last dress. Those dresses bring back so many memories and Giovanni is SO FUNNY with his deadpan expression.