Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Talented Family Members

My mom, my sister, Cheryl and her husband, Mike at Thanksgiving this year.

I mentioned the other day about my sister's birthday and how much I love her.

She is also a great writer.  I have some talents, but writing is not one of them. It doesn't come easy or naturally for me.  But, my sister Cheryl has always written poems about special people or things in her life.

She actually married another good writer, Mike.  Mike has written a book called Growing Up in the Church of Christ.  I loved reading his book.  If you have grown up in the Church of Christ, you will identify with what he writes.  What I loved about the book was that he wasn't mean or bitter about anything in his past, just honest.  And he graciously sees beyond all the customs that now seem silly, to the loving people and good intentions behind it all.

So.... I would encourage you to buy his book and read it.  It will make you think, remember, smile and even giggle.

He also has a blog.  TODAY on his blog he has posted a poem written by his talented wife, my sister.  She (again) sweetly captures a description of our childhood.  I loved it.


  1. I grew up at Beltline church of Christ in Decatur, AL from birth until I turned 22. After I married my husband, we now attend a Baptist church. However, we believe denominations are man-made things because as long as we believe in Christ & follow His commands we will all be in Heaven together one & all! :)

  2. Amen Gretta! We believe the exact same thing. Heaven is going to be very cool. Kevin

  3. Berney and Jane Waite (Parents of Benay, Cheryl and Berney, Jr.)

    We concur 100% with the comments above. Read Benay's previous blog about the tribe that just recently received the Bible in their language. See the pur joy and ask yourself: Can they be saved without us teaching them our traditions?