Monday, January 30, 2012

God's Word Arrives

My brother sent me a link to the following video last week.  If you have a few minutes, it is worth your time to watch this and see the value that these people place on God's Word.

This video reminded me of a speaker that I heard about 10 years ago.  Her name is Marilyn Laszlo.  I ended up buying her book, Mission Possible, one of the most incredible and inspiring books I have ever read.  It's true that I serve as a missionary, but my work is completely different and incomparable to the work that Marilyn did (and may continue to do) in New Guinea.  Check out her website to learn more about her story and I strongly encourage you to read her book.

We probably have 20 Bibles in our house, in several different versions.  Many more versions and translations are just a click away on the internet.  But, unbelievably there are still people groups in the world who don't have the Bible written in their language.  In Marilyn's case, the people she worked with didn't even have a written language.  She had to learn their language (by just living with them), write their language, teach the written language to some young boys who eventually over many years helped her translate the New Testament into their language.  The following video shows a similar story.  You will be blessed by watching it!

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  1. What an inspiring video! Oh, and my kids especially liked listening to the guy pray in front of the crowd when he got the Bible.