Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dollar Store Christmas Gifts

I love the Dollar Store.
We don’t have them in Brazil.  We have $1.99 stores, but that doesn’t mean that everything in there costs $1.99.  Actually, not much in the stores actually costs $1.99.
Anyway, we let our little kids Christmas shop at the Dollar Store.  We let them pick out whatever they wanted to get for the other family members.
Have you ever done that?  It’s a lot of fun.
Here are Giovanni’s gifts to the family this year:
Cousins Peyton and Dylan (college students) got “Magic Wands”.

Cousin Connor got a mini football.  Cousin Camryn got some paper cups with snowflakes on them.  Cousin Chloe got a birthday card with Backyardigans on it. (It wasn’t her birthday.)
I got a back scratcher, Kevin got some foot soak powder.
Papa got some soap (hint, hint, Papa)...

Grandmommy got some bath salts.
Aunt Melissa got a candle, but Uncle Gary got Ant and Roach Kill spray.  He was excited.
Bronwyn needed some new glasses....
Ansley needed some new “ideas”. (She got a light bulb.)
Garrett got some balloon cars and Carys got a jump rope.
Granna got some new cooking spray...
And my favorite, Grandaddy got a can of refried beans.

Giovanni was completely serious about giving all of these presents and very pleased with himself.  We were pretty pleased, too.

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