Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beware - Ugly Pictures

Now that I'm almost all healed up, and since John Kerry had the courage to appear in public with his broken nose, I thought I'd show you all how I looked at my worst.  I guess Senator Kerry has a little more guts to show himself since he earned his bruises in a pick-up hockey game.  Whereas, I just took a nose-dive off the toilet during a puking episode.  Not quite as cool.

Anyway, for you curious people...... here you go.....

This is possibly the ugliest picture of me in existence.  I can't believe I'm putting it on the internet.

Both of these pictures were taken two days after I fell.  I was still feeling pretty bad.

Then two days later, I was feeling better but still had the bruises.
Here is our family with our friends Gerald and Dianne Johnson.  For some reason I thought that my bruises would be less noticeable if I wore a hat.  Did it work?
The the day after that, I was even better.....
Here I am 6 days after I fell sleeping off some of my jet lag in our home in Porto Alegre.
And here is Giovanni and me at the pool this past Wednesday.  Already almost all better...

I barely have any bruises now, my cuts are all healed up and my nose is much less sore.
Thanks to all of you who wished me well.... (that would not include my daughter who laughed her head off at seeing me on skype!)
I promise only pretty pictures from now on!
Totally unrelated thing.....  check out our Christian sister, Leni's blog.  My mother-in-law and some of her friends sent some used jewelry to Leni for her to resell in her little thrift shop.  You can use the Google translator that she has on her site to be able to understand what she is saying.  Leni is a warrior for God and takes it upon herself to take care many people who need help in different ways.  She would love for you to check out her blog!


  1. We think you are beautiful even your black, red, purple eyes. We liked the video Berney sent you. Very moving.

    Mama and Daddy

  2. obrigada irmã pela fôrça que estás me dando em citar meu blog. Tenho certeza que pessoas serão tocadas em ajudar-me na idéia do pequeno bazar, colaborando. Te amo.