Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Sister

Today is my sister, Cheryl's, birthday.  There are very few blessings in my life that rank as high as having her as a sister.  She knows me so well, and loves me just the same.  And we have fun together, like only sisters can.  I recently saw this on pinterest and thought of her:
My mother in law has a sister, our Aunt Barbara.  They are another pair of fun-loving sisters.  They lived far away from each other all of their married lives, but NOW they live right down the street from each other.  That means helping each other out, easy conversations, and daily giggles.

Cheryl and I have lived far apart almost our whole married lives.  North Dakota, England, Hawaii, Connecticut, Washington DC, Brazil.....  For two Alabama girls, we've gotten around.  Anyway, my prayer is that one day we can also live close to each other and enjoy each other like we did growing up.  If not in this life, I'm requesting some special housing arrangements in Heaven.

Love you, Cheryl!  Happy Birthday!


  1. I'm happy for you... and a bit jealous. I have never had this kind of relationship with my sister. What a blessing.