Friday, August 27, 2010


I have been on a trip.  At the beginning of August, Ansley, Giovanni and I flew to the US to take Bronwyn to college.  After a fun visit with my parents in Huntsville, we went to Memphis (where Kevin's parents live) and then drove to ACU.  Here is that little journey in photos.....

Here is our little group leaving early on Friday morning.  

Gracie and Bronwyn were all smiles early in the morning.
Ansley and I.... (with Bronwyn in the background.  She just had to get in the shot...)  These pictures were taken in the morning.  I know because we had 8 hours of driving and I know we weren't that excited any other time during that trip.
We finally reached Dallas, where we spent the night with our friends the Terrys.  Look at who was waiting for us.....
Sweet little Kira
and her big sister, Elisa.  We loved playing with them and catching up with Sascha and Jennifer.

The only bad thing that happened was that Ansley got sick during the night.  Nevertheless, we left Gracie there to stay with the Terrys for a while and set out the next morning for Abilene.
This pretty much sums up what the scenery is from Dallas to Abilene.  Flat roads and pick up trucks.
You know you are in Texas when you pass the Lone Star Cowboy Church.  Interesting.....
Poor little Ansley.  She loaded up on 2 Dramamines and slept the whole way in the back seat.
We finally made it to Bronwyn's dorm to move in.  This is the view from her window.
Decorating ensued....
Here is Bronwyn's roommate, Asia.  She is from Thailand and she and Bronwyn seem to be getting along great.
After a few days of work and lots of orientation meetings, Bronwyn's room was complete (sort of), she had her books and her schedule, and it was time for us to go.
Cool decorations hanging from the ceiling.  Not your typical dorm room.
Asia made this collage for Bronwyn and a matching one for herself.  Really cool.
Bronwyn's desk.
The worst part was saying good-bye.  Ansley and Bronwyn pose for one last photo.
And a tearful hug for mom.  After this, she shooed us out of her room.  Then I'm sure 10 minutes later she was fine because since then it has just been new and fun and exciting things to do and learn.  

ACU is a great place and we are so excited Bronwyn is there.  We are also excited that she has a return ticket to Brazil marked for the middle of December!  Four months will pass by really quickly, right??


  1. Four months will pass before you know it and she will be home sharing wonderful stories of her fun at ACU. We are praying for her everyday & know she will do great!

  2. It really will pass quickly, Benay...but oh, it's so hard letting them go!!!!!

  3. btw, your tearful picture made ME cry!!!