Thursday, August 12, 2010

Giovanni at the Pool

My sister in law has a pool, and since it is SUPER hot here, we went swimming one afternoon.

I had bought Giovanni a little floatie thing so he could (hopefully!) be a little more independent at the pool this summer in Brazil.  If not, you know who will be either holding him or chasing him or fussing at begging another kid to hold him or chase him for a while.

This was our first day to try it out.  I didn't even let him get in the water without the turtle thing because I was afraid he wouldn't want to put it on.  Maybe he will think it is part of his bathing suit...?

At first he was scared.  Didn't want to let go of anyone.  At one point he even started really crying hard because he was so scared.  I didn't get him out, just gave him his paci.

Then slowly he started loosening his grip on us a little and feeling more relaxed in the water.

He started "swimming" from one sister to the other.

Afterward we would clap and cheer for him.  He liked that.

Then he started really enjoying the water and getting his face wet a little.
(This is my favorite picture of the day.   He's not crying, he's just having fun.)

Finally, he was brave enough to float on his own.
Notice his "CARS" toys which he held on to the whole time (unless he was throwing them to the bottom of the pool for the girls to fetch...)

It was a great first day of swimming this year for him!


  1. mom i cant belive i wasent there i really MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND I LOVE YOU OH AND MOM I NEED A DSI CASE AND A NEW STICK TO USE ON THE TOUCH SCREEN :)

  2. mom i miss you so much and ansley and giovanni and bronwyn i wish you were here with us so much i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love your blog wen are you going to make another one???????????????????????????bye i miss you SO MUCH I CAN'T WAIT TILL YOU GET BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!