Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun at the Lake

While I was visiting with my in-laws in the states, we took a quick trip to their house on Pickwick Lake.  It was fun and relaxing.
There was boating......
At this point I will inform you that the rest of the pictures on this post will be just of Giovanni.  Because he is cute, because I don't want to show my 17 year old daughter in her bathing suit on the internet, and because I surely don't want to show myself in my bathing suit on the internet (for different reasons than her, if you know what I mean...)
At one point, we stopped at a little beach and got out and swam and ate a little snack.  Giovanni took off for a little walk on his own....
And since he was alone, guess what he did? (here is a hint)
This face pretty much says it all....
So, as he had his "private time", all the adults stood around saying "how cute", laughing and taking pictures.
Oh well, he didn't seem to mind.
Thanks, Grandmommy and Papa for a fun day!

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