Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Leaving Town...

This afternoon at 6:00, Ansley, Giovanni and I (along with our friend, Gracie) will leave Porto Alegre to go to the states.  I am going for the purpose of taking Bronwyn to school.  Her grandparents have done a good job spoiling her for a few weeks.

My bags are packed - mostly.  I still have a few stray items to find and put in.  (Oh by the way, I hate packing.  It ranks right up there with cleaning out the refrigerator and potty training in my list of things I don't like....)  I could have packed yesterday, but since I hate it so, I put it off until I had a deadline, which seems to make me work better.

Giovanni has been really grouchy the past few days. It could be because he was used to having all his brothers and sisters around everyday, and now they are back to school.  Or it could be because Friday night he had a stomach virus and even though he isn't throwing up now, he doesn't seem 100% yet.  Whatever the reason, I hope he puts his happy face on for our trip.  I don't want to be THAT lady who can't get her baby to stop screaming on the plane....

Incidentally, Friday night when I was up off and on during the night with Giovanni being sick, I prayed that he would get better and that I wouldn't get it.  I can't imagine having a virus on an overnight flight.  Do you know what worried me the most?? That if I threw up on the plane, I would wet my pants.  Because I can't throw up and hold in pee at the same time.  Not possible.  So wet pants on an overnight flight would be really gross.  I laid in bed and thought up all the different scenarios of how I would handle this situation if it did happen.  So, I am prepared, just so you know.

Well, enough procrastinating by blogging instead of packing.  Must go and finish up.
See ya later!

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  1. Wear you black skirt, black tights and black boots. It's worked before!