Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anniversary Trip

Our wedding anniversary is in July.  We usually take a little trip, just the two of us, for our anniversary.  On the 5 year marks, we take a big trip.  Anyway, this year in July, we couldn't take a trip because we were sending our daughter off to college and getting ready for her and our trip to the states.  After our trip to the US and subsequent sicknesses, we finally were able to get away for a night on Saturday.

We went to our favorite little mountain towns, Gramado and Canela.  We stayed in a place that we had never stayed before, and we loved it.  It was fun for our trip this time, but we hope to go back during the summer and take the kids - because they would love it.

Here are some pictures and highlights from our little get-a-way.

We started our weekend eating.  In fact, we ate a lot the two days we were gone.  This is our favorite restaurant in Canela, a little German restaurant with delicious food.
A warm German pretzel, with a big slab of butter on top.  So good.
We shopped a little at some arts and crafts booths.

and looked around the city.

We then headed on over to check into our hotel, which is overlooking a gorgeous valley.

Inside the hotel....

The grounds were beautiful.

Azaleas in bloom...

After the huge lunch we had that day, we ate fondue for supper.  It was a lot of food, but we were champs and managed to get our money's worth.
Here is the view from the huge breakfast buffet the next morning (the eating theme continues...)

Here are some reasons that the kids will love this place.  The view from the balcony of our hotel room....

Another indoor pool.
An enormous playroom/gameroom for kids....

and outside playgrounds, as well.

Oh, and the obligatory soccer field.  This is Brazil, right!

After we checked out of the hotel on Sunday, we went walking around Gramado, window shopping.  I loved this painted bike and flowers...

and look at these cool lights.
In the middle of town they were having an orchid festival.  Being the avid gardeners that we are (ha!) we spent a while looking at all the beautiful flowers.  One cool thing about living in Brazil is that sometimes  you learn to make your own fun.  There isn't always a movie choice, or a sports game or whatever else would be your first choice of something to do.  So you do what there is to do and have fun.  We don't have the first clue about orchids, but we enjoyed looking around.
This one is weird...
After browsing around town and eating lunch, we were in the mood for some ice cream.  Look at what my husband ate:  a strawberry split.  My ice cream was MUCH smaller - never mind that it was covered with melted chocolate.  We really have some working out to do now!
Here is the only picture that we took together the entire weekend.  We had SO much fun and it was SO important for us to take this trip.  We returned back home ready to be better parents and better missionaries.  I am so thankful that I am married to my best friend.
PS.  A big THANK YOU to Leni and Ansley who held down the fort at home.  It wasn't easy because there was a certain two year old who was really whiny! Thank you!


  1. What a fun time! The pictures are beautiful, too. So glad you had a good anniversary trip and a time of refreshing...that is something everyone deserves!

  2. Yay for blog posting!! I'm glad you had fun!