Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning This and That

So much to blog about.
So little time.

This will have to be quick.....
My husband is sick again.  First it was the flu, then his back, then my flu and his stint as a single parent, now he has a stomach bug.  Yuck.  For all of us.  Prayers would be welcome!

So, Giovanni and I are hanging out this morning.  My kitchen is a mess, and I have a jillion "projects" I would love to be doing.
But I'm doing this....
Brazilian cafe com leite.  Nothing better.  (Bronwyn, yours will be in the mail soon, I promise!)
My hydrangea bushes are FULL this year!  I will be picking some of these this afternoon to put around the house.

Anderson asked me the other day when he was going to get to go "snurkling" because snurkling is his favorite thing to do.

Yesterday at our church's celebration, we watched this video. (stop and think - the movie)
Everyone loved it.

We are thinking of blog combining.  Obviously we aren't doing a great job keeping up with two blogs.  (mine and our family's).  Does anyone have an opinion about this??

Happy Monday!!


  1. Hi Benay! Thanks for posting. I've been having withdrawls...A few thoughts:
    1. I'm inspired by your playing with Giovanni when you have a million other things to be doing. I need to do more of that myself.
    2. I like your two separate blogs. I think that once everyone is healthy again the blog posting will pick back up.
    3. I miss cafe com leite (and croissants with goiabada, and Rute bread, and...)
    4. I like your new rug.
    5. Snurkling sounds like fun.

  2. Yay for blog posting!! I think you should do it more often. Let me know how Dad is doing. Vuvs is pretty much the cutest thing on the planet. Love you guys! Don't stress out too much this week!