Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ramilo Sandwiches

These are good.
They are named for our friend, Ramilo, who taught us how to make these yummies.  We met Ramilo, his wife Flaviana, and their daughter Paola the very first week that we lived in Brazil.  They were staying in the same hotel as we were, Ansley and Paola became friends in the swimming pool, and Ramilo and Flaviana were gracious enough to be patient with our portuguese.  We have been friends ever since.

Anyway, here is how you make a Ramilo Sandwich.

Ingredients:  sliced ham, sliced cheese, good bread

Put a slice of ham in a teflon skillet.  (We aren't really sliced ham people.  We usually like turkey better.  But I've tried this with turkey and it just isn't the same.  If you aren't a ham person, don't be scared.  Kevin, who really isn't a ham person, loves these sandwiches.)

Lay a slice of cheese on top.  ( I used mozzerella.)

The cheese will start to melt and bubble.

Fold the ham over the cheese.....

then over again.

Now you have a slightly fried piece of ham wrapped around some melted gooey cheese.

Put it in a mini french roll or whatever kind of bread.  Of course, in Brazil we have yummy fresh bread that is toasty on the outside and soft on the inside.

And that is a Ramilo Sandwich.  No special ingredients, but it is really good and a nice change from the typical sandwich options.  Try it!

PS.  This is what your skillet looks like afterward.  That is the reason for the teflon.  It cleans up.

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  1. You're making my mouth water! I need to make those here. Yummy. Can you show pictures of the girls from Peru? Love you.