Thursday, September 9, 2010


We have had a rough couple of weeks here in the Blume household.

I'll not bore you with all of the details, but basically Kevin and I have been out of commission.  He had a bad cold (I thought) when I got back from the states.  A few days later he hurt his back.  While he was recovering from that, he tried to close our heavy iron front gate and re-injured his back, much worse this time.  He got some shots and muscle relaxers and is doing much better now.

I got his bad "cold" - which I will now call a flu because it sent me to bed for about a week.  Basically it camped out for a few days each in my throat, chest, and finally nose, where it turned into a sinus infection. I am now on antibiotics and doing much better.

Garrett is dealing with the flu bug now, but on the whole, our health is improving.

We have also had computer problems which aren't completely resolved yet.  So, we've kind of gotten out of the blogging habit.

I called this post "Thankful" because I am just so thankful to be feeling better.  I am hardly ever sick, and it's a good thing because I am a horrible patient.  I am also thankful that even though we felt really bad for a few days, no one had anything serious.  Good health is a blessing, for sure.

I am also thankful that it is spring here in Brazil!  The birds and flowers are bringing it in in full force.

I'll write more later, but just wanted to explain where we've been!

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  1. I hope ya'll are all better now, girl! Sounds like you all had quite a week!