Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bronwyn and Ansley's Room

We are in a temporary living situation right now.  We are living in a house that is not ours and we know that at some time in the future we will move.  But, I am not one to "camp out".  Meaning, wherever I live, I like to fix it up - even if it is just temporary.

A few weeks ago when Bronwyn and Ansley were in Itu taking the ACT, I thought about doing some little projects to make their room cuter.  It already is cute, but there were a few things that needed to be done.   I wanted it to be a surprise for them while they were gone.

Well, the surprise didn't really happen. I didn't get it done while they were gone, but have worked a little at a time since they got back.  Here is what we did...

Their nightstands were little shelves that started out white, got painted red, then blue and green.  They were in Carys's room in our old house.  Bronwyn and Ansley's room is black and white and red.  So instead of trying to put another coat of paint on these poor little shelves, I made a little slipcover for them.  Here is the before....

and after.

We covered Ansley's lampshade....

And decorated these canvases with their initials.  These are just canvases covered in fabric and the letters are cut out of scrapbook paper.

Then we made this bird picture using an old metal magnetic board spray-painted black, scrapbook paper, and paint.

We love how it turned out.  We got the idea here .

So, that is about it.  Not much, but I think their room is very cute.

Now Carys is asking for an update in her room, too.  We'll get busy on that.

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