Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pillow Talk

Last week we had a tea to collect fabric for Bronwyn to take to Rwanda.  While making all the goodies to eat, I got to thinking that I wish I had made some new pillows for the living room.  While we were in the states last year, my mom, Bronwyn and I bought some fabric for some pillows, but we hadn't got around to making them.  Anyway, when I mentioned the pillows, Bronwyn said, "Let's just make them today!"  So, we did.  Two can work twice as fast as one.  We made a big mess, got them all done, then cleaned it all up.

Here they are:

I think they turned out really cute and we had a lot of fun making them together. I am so glad we just decided to make them that day.  No telling when I would have gotten around to doing it by myself.

PS.  Thanks for your prayers for our kids' first day of school.  The kids in the new school are LOVING it!  That makes me so happy.  We have had a little scheduling problem getting Ansley to and from her school without her getting there really early and being picked up really late.  We are trying to work the kinks out, but in the meantime I am encouraging her to think on the bright side.  I, for example, would LOVE an hour a day when all I had to do was sit and read or catch up on work or even do nothing!☺

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