Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Naked Scooter Riding and other Snapshots of the Day (updated!)


Carys is still not feeling great.  Her fever is a little better, she has a little more appetite, and fewer stomach issues.  Still no smiles.

She's been watching tons of VCR movies in her room.  Her dad chooses a movie for her and then when it is over she yells, "Dad!".  And he goes and chooses another one.

Here is her nightstand.  Complete with drinks, snacks, thermometer, medicine cups and entertainment from the day.  You would think her mom would clean that up.  Sheesh!

I bought these pillows at the grocery store for R$12.90.  That's about 7 US dollars.  They are pretty big and have zippered covers.  I am planning on fancying them up and giving them as birthday gifts.

I made a Brazilian dish for supper called carreteiro.  You make it with rice and leftover meat or steak.  There are people we know who make awesome carreteiro.  It's like their specialty.  It's not my specialty by any means, but it was pretty good for a last-minute meal.

And finally....

   we had a little outside baby pool time.  Giovanni wanted to ride a "boom boom"- which means a car or anything with wheels.  His big brother took him for a scooter ride around the patio.  What a nice big brother!

**UPDATE - About 2 minutes after I posted, we discovered this...

Giovanni somehow got ahold of my way-too-freeflowing-but-cute salt-shaker and salted our den pretty good.  I figured this post wouldn't be complete without this final shapshot!

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  1. Tell Carys that she looks beautiful even when she's sick. I hope she feels better soon!

    I tried to call you yesterday but got the answering machine... never know if I should leave a message.

    Aunt Cheryl