Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23, 1993

On April 23rd, 1993, I went to work at Oak Elementary.  I remember I was wearing some green stretchy pants and a white and green polka-dotted shirt.  (weird how you remember the craziest things... It was probably one of the few things that still fit at that point).  Anyway, during the day I started having some contractions.  And, a few other little "signs" that I won't go into a lot of detail about, but that let me know that I might be in labor.  But I carried on.

I even had a parent-teacher conference after school - that I didn't even cancel.  (Oh..the dedication!).  During the conference, the parent asked me if I had any idea about when I would have the baby.  I said, "Well, I think it might be today."  She kind of freaked out and ended the conference pretty quickly after that.  I called my doctor and she said for me to go to the hospital to get checked out.

So, I did, and I was indeed in labor.  Things progressed on just fine and then I was to get my epidural.  Only it didn't work.  Instead of feeling complete relief, I still had some pain.  My anesthesiologist was Indian or something - he had a strong accent.  So while he stood beside me,  tried different things, and talked with his supervisor about what to do, I held Kevin's hand and suffered on as he watched the NBA playoffs.  We finally gave up on the epidural and I had what I thought was "natural" childbirth.  Later, when Anderson was born, I realized that that epidural had worked a little, at least to take the edge off, because Anderson's birth was truly "natural" and something I had never experienced before! (and never care to again, I might add.)

Anyway,  Ansley Maye Blume was born at 8:47 that night.  I was so excited that she was a girl.  (We didn't know the sex beforehand).  I was excited because I have a sister who is my best friend, and I loved the idea of Bronwyn having a little sister.
(she looks SO much like Giovanni in this picture!)
We named her Ansley because we liked that name and thought it was so pretty. Still do.  Maye is after my grandmother, Fannie Maye, and Kevin's grandmother, Berchia Mae.  Two wonderful women who we were so proud to name our little girl after.  (We decided it sounded better to use the Maye part of their names, rather than the Fannie/Berchia part!).

Ansley was a sweet, calm little baby.  We were so scared that she would have colic like Bronwyn did.  So, when one day she started to cry for no reason, Kevin took her, held her till she went to sleep, then put her in her bed and turned on the vacuum cleaner under her bed.  She slept great and never cried like that again.  Not saying it's a cure for colic, that's just what happened, and we were so glad.
(Ansley in the middle with Bronwyn and cousin, Kate.)
While Ansley didn't have colic, she did have a spunky spirit.  She wasn't the type of baby just to sit back and let stuff happen around her.  She wanted to be involved, and if she didn't like something, she would let you know.  She has always been spunky, strong-spirited, and full of energy.  She also enjoyed playing by herself.  She had a basket of little toys and characters in her room and I have this image of her with her little curly head just sitting there playing with the toys one by one.

Two things about Ansley's looks have always stood out.  Her beautiful light blue eyes, and her curly hair.  I remember when her hair started growing in, it was in tight curls close to her head.  Even though she and I have fought with that hair over the years, it is one of her best features and she wouldn't be "Ansley" without it.  She also had lots of baby-fat, which she definitely grew out of.

I said before that I wanted to have 2 girls so they could be sisters.  I remember when Ansley was really little I felt such a protective spirit for her - just like I felt for my own little sister.  Bronwyn and Ansley have been close their whole lives and I know they are both so glad to have had a sister so close in age.  I am going to miss them when they go to college (soon!).  Thank goodness for Carys who will save me from an all-boy household!

Ansley has always been such a fun and funny girl.  She has cracked me up so many times, and still makes me laugh more than anyone.  I love this girl!

Happy Birthday, Ansley!

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