Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Recommendations

1.  For Missionary Girls:

Before I became a missionary, I had never used a food processor in my life.  Before I left for Brazil, someone told me that I should get a food processor because I would use it a lot.  I was skeptical and didn't want to spend any extra money, but my mother-in-law had one waaaay in the back of her cabinet that she got years ago.  She offered it to me and I took it.  Well, I used it a lot.  Here I  make so many things from scratch I use a food processor a lot.  I use it to make homemade salsa, grate cheese, cut vegetables, mix dough, make muffins, grate carrots, slice vegetables, and even more.

After several good years of use, the old food processor she had given me broke.  One of the plastic pieces just broke and it couldn't be fixed.  I decided that it was time to buy a new one.  So when I was on furlough last year, I spent some of my Christmas money buying this one:

It is General Electric from Walmart.  It costs around $50.
After a few uses, the disc that grates or slices broke.  Sadness.  Then some other little pieces broke and now it doesn't work at all.  So, don't buy this one.

I ordered this one from Amazon, and my in-laws just brought it to me.

It costs more, but so far it is worth it.  It seems to be so much more well-made.  Using it is like driving a Cadillac when you were driving a VW bug.  (A little food processor analogy for you.)  I did a little search on the internet, and Cuisinart was the highest rated brand of food processors.  It is worth it to spend a little more, because you can't run down to Walmart and return a broken one or even get replacement parts.

The moral of this long story is.....if you are moving to another country, consider buying a food processor and don't skimp.  Buy a good one. (Same thing for stand mixers.)

2.  For Moms in General:

You know when your baby gets diaper rash?  And it's the kind of diaper rash that is really red and sore? This kind of diaper rash is caused from what I call "acid poop".  Their poop just burns their skin for some reason and it is very sore.  The last thing a baby wants is for you to be touching their sore, raw bottom.  So, it is difficult to put on creams, especially when they are thick and goopy, because the baby is crying and hurting.

Years ago, I discovered that medicated powder is just the thing for this.  I used to use another brand, but can't find it anymore.  I found this kind at Wal-mart:

It has worked great.  When Giovanni is fussing because his bottom hurts, I clean it as quickly as possible and toss on some powder.  By the next diaper change, he is all better.

So, get some medicated powder for that acid poop.  Your baby will thank you.

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