Wednesday, April 14, 2010


novidades:  (no-vi-dah-geez)   portuguese word meaning "news" or  "the latest"

So, we have a few new things around the house.  Remember where Giovanni was sleeping after our furlough?  Well, he's still there.  But I am trying step by step to move him to his own bed in his own room.

First problem with this is that he hates his crib.  Since he is so independent, I think he hates to be caged in anywhere.  He wants to be able to go where he wants to go.  So, a new bed was in order.

Look at the new bed our friend, Freitas, made for him.

Cool, huh?  It even has little wheels on the bottom of it for easy moving from one place to another.

I hired an experienced and very qualified paint technician to stain it.....

and here it is now.  Yes, it is still in our room, but one thing at a time.......

Also, we went to the hippie feira on Saturday.  (The hippie feira is an arts and crafts kind of flea market at one of the big parks in Porto Alegre. I have no idea why we call it the hippie feira.  I have only heard Americans call it that.)
(That lady is saying "No, senhora, you can't take pictures here!"  oops!)

At the end of our day, I found this table and chair set for a very reasonable price.

And since I have been wanting one, and my experienced, qualified paint technician was still around (with his able-bodied assistant),

I bought it and now my boys have a cute table and chair set.

I have a feeling Mr. Independent will not want to get in his high chair much longer!

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  1. Wow! I love Giovanni's new bed and the little table that you finally found...I believe you first mentioned to me that you were looking for one about 2 years ago. I can't believe how different G. is from Anderson. Didn't he sleep in his crib until he was evicted by baby brother at age 4? I loved reading your novidades.