Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Fun Being the 6th Kid...

because when you dump out a box of old crayons on the floor, your mom just lets you play with them.  She just says, "How cute!" and runs and gets the camera.  You don't even have to clean them up....

And when you climb up on the table and start to eat leftover birthday cake with your hands, she just lets you go at it, eat as much as you want, and she runs and gets the camera.

Then when you rub it into your hands like lotion and on your face like shaving cream, she just thinks it's even cuter and takes more pictures....

And when you wake up grumpy from your nap, she fills up a sink with bubbles and lets you play in it and dump cupfuls of water on the floor and on yourself......and she just thinks you are precious and runs and gets the camera.

Yeah.....I'm getting away with a lot.

And my mom doesn't even care.


  1. Giovanni,
    It just keeps getting better. I was the seventh child and was always introduced as the baby.
    Tim (friend of grandaddy Waite)

  2. It's just because he is so cute. It's not his fault.