Monday, April 26, 2010


Overwhelmed.  This is a feeling that I battle a lot.  But, I kind of think I made my own bed.  I have 6 kids, live in a foreign country and have a ministry of helping and encouraging others on their spiritual walk.  I definitely have a lot to do.  But, I imagine that many of you reading this also have a lot to do.

I am trying this year not to put such high expectations on myself, but just to allow God to show me what to do, and be OK with what doesn't get done.  However, years of the "stressed-out, high expectation, it all depends on me..." thinking sneak back in easily.

This week, Kevin and I decided that we are having a catch up week.  Meaning that there are some things that we have been procrastinating.  We are going to get some of those things done this week.

But, in getting these things done, I am not going to allow our "list" to overwhelm me and make me ignore things that are more important.  Like the little guy who is sitting next to me right now.  It's like Giovanni's "comfort" is to sit beside me, hold my hands and suck on his paci.  If he's upset, he does that and it calms him down.  This won't last forever and I don't want to miss any of it.  Anderson loves doing things with me.  Pretending, cooking, art, reading, playing, whatever.  He won't always want to do those things, so I don't want to ignore him just to get something crossed off of a list.  And there are 4 others, and a husband, who are also more important than the "things" that overwhelm me.

OK.  I'm blabbing now.

Hopefully some of you other moms get what I'm trying to say.

Please take a minute to read this article from Charles Swindoll.  If you are missionary you MUST read it but I think it applies to anyone who feels like they have too much to do.

Be blessed and encouraged:

You Can Make a Difference
by Charles R. Swindoll

Overwhelming odds can make cowards of us all. I remember the first time I felt overwhelmed regarding ministry in a vast arena. My life had been quiet and manageable. From my birthplace in a south Texas country town, I moved with my family to Houston, where we lived through my high school years. Our home was small and secure. After marriage, a hitch in the corps, and seminary, Cynthia and I became involved in ministries that were like our past . . . small, pleasant, and fulfilling. Our children were small, our lives were relaxed and rather simple, and our scope of God's work was quite comfortable.

The call to Fullerton, California, in 1971 changed all that. In fact, it was as the plane descended over Los Angeles when we were coming to candidate that I got this overwhelming feeling. I looked out the little window and watched as mile after mile of houses and freeways and buildings passed beneath us. I tried to imagine ministering to this sprawling metropolis of never-ending humanity. I thought, How can I possibly get my arms around this monstrous task? What can I do to reach the multiple millions in Southern California?

Suddenly, God gently reminded me, as He does to this day: I will never reach them all---that is humanly impossible. But I am responsible for those I come in contact with, and with God's help, I will make a difference in their lives.

I stopped paying attention to the enormity of the impossible and started pouring my time and energy into the possible---the people and the place where God had called me and my family. Call my vision limited if you will, but it has made all the difference in my peace of mind. I cannot do it all . . . I cannot get my arms around the vast boundaries of our region (no one can!), but I am able to touch those who come into the scope of my "radar screen." Peace of mind comes in knowing that in at least their lives, my touch can make a difference, even if it is only one here and another there.

One person cannot beat the odds. There will always be more to reach than time or energy or commitment can provide. But the truth is that each one of us can touch a few. How wrong we would be to stop helping anyone because we cannot help everyone.

Don't panic. Count on the Lord to honor and multiply even your smallest efforts. Last time I checked, He was still rewarding faithfulness.

Ignore the odds. Even though you cannot do everything, you can do something.
You may be only one, but you can still make a difference. So make a difference.


  1. Thanks Benay! I always enjoy reading your blogs! Hope you have a great week!