Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Children's Classic

I was an elementary education major, and like all the other elementary ed. majors from Harding University, I have a love for children's literature.  This is because of our teacher, Mrs. Betty Watson, who, I believe, is still instilling the love of children's literature to Harding students today.  

Anyway, I have always read to my kids since they were little bitty.  We have stacks of books in the den and bookcases full of them in the bedrooms.

Giovanni, our one year old, loves to be read to.  It is his favorite thing to do.  And of course in this literarily (is that a word?) rich environment, you would think that his favorite book would be one of the "classics" of quality children's literature.  Like maybe "Brown, Bear, Brown Bear....". or "Goodnight Moon", etc.  
But, no.  He has chosen as his favorite (at this moment), a less-known literary work-destined to become a classic:  Mater and the Ghost Light.
It's a Golden Book that was bought at a thrift store near my parents' house.  You know Mater, the truck from the Disney movie "Cars".  He gets chased by a light that he believes is some spook called the "ghost light".  I have read this book at least 4 times already today, and that doesn't count the number of times his dad or siblings read it to him.  I think he likes it because we try to imitate Mater's voice from the movie, which is funny, you have to admit.

I'm sure Mrs. Watson would be proud to know that one of her former students is passing along such quality literature to her own children.

PS.  I guess the Disney people knew that this was destined to be a classic because I discovered the other day that there is a short little movie on our Cars DVD.  Guess what it is?  Mater and the Ghost LIght.  Wonder how many times we'll have to watch that in the future?

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