Wednesday, January 27, 2010


9:00 Tuesday morning....
For a while now, our kids have been asking for a dog.  We have had dogs in the past, and we like dogs, but it has been a while since we have been dog owners.  We have kind of enjoyed not having the responsibility of taking care of it, buying food, finding a sitter if we have to go out of town, and picking up its poop.  (A Brazilian thing...)  Not to mention the trouble of accidents in the house, making messes, ruining things, etc.

So, despite all the begging, we have been saying “No” , “no dog right now”.  Dad (Kevin) is the main decision maker for things like this.  I am too easily swayed by pleading eyes and all the promises that kids make when they want something.  So, he has been firm in saying no for a while.

Until a few weeks ago, when he saw a website where you can adopt a dog for free.  He brought home the site address for the kids and a ray of hope shot into their lives!  They have been looking at this site since then and asking, begging, convincing every day.

On Monday, Kevin and I had a little talk about this situation.  It went like this:

Me:  So, what are we going to do about the dog thing?
Him:  Well, I say “no”.  Because......(he began to list all the reasons why we don’t need one).
Me:  Well, then you are going to tell them, because you are the one who brought the website home and gave them hope, so you shouldn’t have done that if you were just going to keep saying no.  Why did you do that?
Him:  Well, I had a brief moment in which I thought I was ready to get one.  But now I don’t think we should.
Me: Well, then you have to tell them.
Him:  OK.  I can tell them.

(enter kids)

Dad:  OK.  I am 96-97% sure that I don’t want a dog.  But since I gave you the site, then you can pick out your three favorite dogs from the site and we will go look at them to see if we change our minds.

Does that sound like a “no” to you??

Guess where they are right now?  Looking at the dogs.  

Wonder what will happen.......
My guess is that we have a dog.
More to come........


11:00 Tuesday morning......

OK, I was wrong.

We don’t have A dog.

We have TWO.

Meet Lucky:

and Rex:

Oh, my.......


  1. Your story is cracking me up. Remember when your family got Daisy. Our parents were out of town and we had babysitters for the weekend. A married couple so they were adults. We talked them into letting us get Daisy's sister. My parents were not happy when they got home. As a parent now thinking about my parents coming home to a new puppy makes me laugh even more!

    How could you not chose Lucy over Rex or Rex over Lucy. I'm glad you got both. They are lucky and so cute!

  2. Hahahahaha thats awesome! They are so cute!